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Xiangtan Shuanghuan Machinery Development Co., Ltd. to pay close attention to the quality of special equipment QC asked the General Conference to mobilize the whole company, the importance of quality for the development of the company explained.
QC main responsibilities:
1. incoming inspection to ensure the quality of raw materials, Association for supporting parts, repetitive does not occur undetected, error detection, failed, or untested raw materials and spare parts are not used for supporting the production; when they find substandard raw materials and spare parts, should be timely analysis of the reasons for failure and take appropriate measures; have been used for the production, recovery will be disposed;
2. To ensure that the device production process quality control. When welding workshop equipment production team, etc., which will be supervised welding slag, polished burr removal, whether the regulatory framework when making party, whether tainted welding phenomenon, when such issues are, shall promptly notify the person in charge of the production team and Release rectification notice;
3. Quality assurance equipment pulp molding equipment into the plant when. When the pulp molding equipment supporting equipment into the plant, power must be checked, lift, speed and other technical parameters, quality and appearance inspection, if found in the procurement of equipment does not meet the company's needs, we should be in consultation with the buyer, will not meet the demand for equipment return or exchange process.
4. To ensure that the former pulp molding equipment factory, seamless hair, no hair wrong phenomenon, and confirm that all devices can work normally, the factory before shipping.